Oulaisten Nuorisokuoro

The Choir

The Oulainen Youth Choir was founded in 1972. Approximately 30 girls, primarily from Oulainen's comprehensive school and secondary school, sing in the choir. The choir has a well-rounded repertoire. It has sung a lot of new music, and in recent years it has presented several premieres of modern Finnish composers.

One of the choir's first achievements was the honorary award for amateur music granted by the Finnish Radio in the mid-1970s. The choir has since received several notable awards in both national and international competitions. In 1998 the choir won both the youth choir and small group competitions and took second place in the modern music category in Powell River, Canada, International Choral Festival.

Oulainen Youth Choir The Oulainen Youth Choir was the Finnish Radio's Choir of the Year in 1989-1990 and again in 2018-2019. This choir has produced nine recordings. The newest recording "Virsiš, Finnish Lutheran Hymns" appeared in 2012. The choir has made 39 concert tours abroad, to most European countries and to New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Japan, Singapore and United States.

The Finnish Ministry of Education has named the choir Young Culture Ambassador of Finland.

Highlights in the choir's activity

  • Finnish Radio's award for amateur music in 1975
  • Finland's official representative at the Tallinn Music Festival in 1980
  • performance at the Parliament's 75-year celebration in 1982
  • Finnish Radio's Choir of the Year in 1989-1990 and in 2018-2019
  • nine recordings
  • 39 concert tours abroad
  • excellent success in choir contests
  • invited to perform at the ISME world conference in Edmonton, Canada in 2000 and in Bologna, Italy, in 2008
  • invited by the Singapore Ministry of Education to perform at Singapore World Youth Choral Festival in 2008
  • status of Young Culture Ambassador