Oulaisten Nuorisokuoro

  1. Voice control

The Oulainen Youth Choir's sound ideal reflects energy and instrumentalism. The choir strives toward these goals through continuous vocal training. Vocal training is given by the conductor of the choir and a singing teacher consultant. The consultant's visits mainly coincide with weekend camps. Master vocalist Päivi Kantola from Helsinki is the current consultant.

Development of the sound ideal has also been furthered by a well-rounded repertoire and the singers' long-lasting membership, which in some cases exceeds ten years. The voice control ideal has made it possible to present much modern music, for example.

  2. Cooperation

The Oulainen Youth Choir has always fostered cooperation. Cooperative partners have included many composers, Finnish and foreign choirs and choir directors. The Oulainen Youth Choir has presented premieres of the following composers' works: David Hamilton (New Zealand), Juhani Komulainen, Olli Kortekangas, Pekka Kostiainen, Herman Rechberger, Harri Wessman and Seppo Pohjola. Many of these composers have also visited Oulainen and worked with the choir.

Cooperation has also been channeled through the Association of Finnish Youth Choirs. For example, the Oulainen Youth Choir has been the host choir at seven summer camps. Choir conductor Tapani Tirilä has chaired the Association of Finnish Youth Choirs in 2000 - 2008.

The choir has also cooperated with adult choirs (the Chamber Choir Vox Ardens, Female Choir Välke and the Pyhäjokilaakso Male Singers) directed by Tapani Tirilä. The most visible examples of joint projects implemented by these choirs are the presentations of Gabriel Fauré's Requiem, Carl Orff's Carmina Burana and Ariel Ramirez's Navidad Nuestra. Mutual Christmas concerts in the region are already a tradition.

Cooperation in Oulainen is realized together with Oulainen's school system, Jokihelmi College (an open community college), the city's culture and youth work functions and the church. Oulainen's two children's choirs and the Oulainen Youth Choir together form a choir school within the sphere of basic art studies at the Jokihelmi College.

Paris, 2004   3. Internationality

The Oulainen Youth Choir has been internationally active a long time already. The choir has made altogether 37 trips abroad to concerts, festivals or competitions.

Over 20 foreign choirs from all around the world have visited Oulainen. Contacts with Hungary, Estonia and New Zealand have been especially active. The choir has sung in over 20 different languages, and its repertoire includes music from all around the world.

  4. Education

The Oulainen Youth Choir has a very active choir association formed by parents. It holds annual general meetings and has a board of directors (a chairman and six members), and a secretary-intendent and a treasurer. The choir association's activity and everything the choir does is characterized by enthusiasm, a positive attitude, courage and energy. These elements form the basis for determined choir work in a small city.

The choir is also internally organized. Each year a choir elder is chosen to be the contact person of the choir's members. Other officers include voice directors, voice trainers, a caretaker of music notes and a contact person for students.

In its goals the Oulainen Youth Choir also emphasizes the choir's role as a music school with a wide-ranging educational aspect and a school of life that fosters positive growth in young people.